The fourth basic bowling technique is drawing an imaginary line to the strike pocket or a remaining pin.

Drawing an imaginary line from the pin you want to hit to your bowling shoulder is determined by your  approach starting spot.  As discussed in the line up the target and bowling lane conditions blogs it is important to read the lane conditions to determine what the line up target and breakpoint will be to be consistent and accurate.  Once the approach starting spot has been determined the bowler will be able to draw an imaginary line from the foul line or bowling shoulder to the strike pocket or pin.

Each bowler will develop their own system of determining the approach starting spot, target spot, delivery and viewing the imaginary line.  Some bowlers will follow the line from the foul line to the target arrow or to the breakpoint or from the target arrow to the breakpoint.

In the Spring 2009 USBowler magazine Wes Malot said “Everyone always asks me what I’m looking at.  When I start, I’m imagining my breakpoint and then I mentally draw a line back to my target.  So, yeah, it’s a little different because I am looking straight down at the foul line, focusing on that imaginary line I see there.  Of course I can’t even begin to draw that line until I have a good lane read.”

It is important, as I have stated before, to practice, practice and practice some more!!